Paint Colors that will wake you happier!

We all agree that waking up early and leaving a cozy bed is not always enticing, but creating a bedroom that make you feel energizing and mood boosting can make it a whole lot easier. Room color effect our mood and creates our own space.

Here we present example of some gorgeous paint colors for your bedroom to create a happy mood.

Blush Pink

This pink color in bedroom will definitely make you blush. This color gives a chic feel to be in your bedroom.

Khaki Green

Khaki green color fits in with the environment of bedroom. Walls painted with this soothing, nature inspired shade of green speaks to all the other accent colors used throughout the space, for a nice cohesive whole.

Ice Blue

A soothing ice blue feels like fresh air when you walk into the room. It adds on a dreamy quality to your bedroom but also offers a ton of versatility, which makes it well suited for the bedroom.

Lemon Yellow

Yellow represents cheers, so definitely a lemon yellow painted wall in bedroom will spread warmth and energy. ceilings colored with this color will bring in more playful element to the more traditional bedroom.

Bright Black

While we think of brightness, we often think of whites. But to open up smaller space, there is also a strong point for going a darker color. A bright black color will amplify smaller spaces. It sets the right mood in the bedroom. This color will make you feel special and intimate.

Ink Blue

This paint color will definitely make a bold statement. Independent. versatile, calm and subtle, it is among the gorgeous colors for your bedroom.


A terracotta painted walls exudes warmth.  The fact that it’s unexpected color for bedroom, this is a color will make happier for anyone who likes to experiment.

Bright White

This color is a showstopper, plain and simple. Sometimes neutral colors give the space a happier look. This color is a pure, cool shade of white that really energizes the entire space.

Bright Red

High energy yet calming and bold, this jaw dropping color for bedroom is among serious goals. The walls painted with this show stopping super high gloss paint; feels fresh, warm and chic for bedroom.


This color for bedroom highlights yellow’s shining personality. This sunny shade works nicely when you incorporate accent pieces with metallic finishes for a glamorous aesthetic.